Friday, 4 March 2011

ZimOnline Radio & Women Empowerment

Dear Zimbabwean Woman

I hope and trust I find you well. I have taken exception to write to you and put you to speed to our two exlusively women Shows on ZimOnline Radio.

As you are probably aware of, ZimOnline Radio is an online Radio that broadcasts to the world, hence has the potential to reach every woman who is connected to the cyberworld. Never before has the power of radio technology been this tremendous, but its only as effective as to how we support it and are appealed to it.

On Sundays at 1800Hrs, for a whole 2Hrs, ZimOnline Radio features the Muzvare Betty Makoni Show. Betty Makoni is a world renouned Girl Empowerment & Woman Activist, not to mention that she is the founder of the Girl Child Network. Betty is an unstoppable advocate for a complete eradication of the deprivation of girl child & women's rights under cultural, religious or community ignorance reasons.She is the winner of the CNN Award in 2009 and her work has been acknowledged and

On Mondays from 2000Hrs, for another whole 2Hrs, ZimOnline Radio hosts the Lisa's Inspirational Talk-Show. A virgin idea, run by a woman who is envisioned to beam out an all positive model of a woman, Lisa touched subjects that others would not dare to speak about. Lisa, independant of the radio, is the founder of the Inspirational Woman Magazine and has held interviews and spoken on various international platforms.

I am a staunch believer in Women Empowerment and by no shred of doubt do I challenge you to utilise the mouth power of ZimOnline Radio and the platform the above women have set to drive the point home. I am requesting your continued listernership and participation in the programmes and/or other Shows on the radio.

Together, we are ZimOnline Radio

Simbarashe Patrick Nyanhanga