Monday, 5 December 2011

ZimOnline Radio end of Year & Christmas Party

The end of the year is a milestone, and to ZimOnline Radio its a time to reflect and pay tribute to the support rendered through the year. its a time to invite friends, families and our listeners to gather and meet in a social environment. It is a moment of treasure when we get to eat and drink together as a family. A moment when lyrics, humour and sensations frequently shared on air are expressed in human flesh, blood and bones.

We believe in taking time to invite the Zimbabwean public to our internal sanhedrin and get to meet the public whom we are at their service.

On my behalf, and that of the ZimOnline Radio team, I take this opportunity to invite you to our end of year 2011 & Christmas party on Saturday 17th December 2011 to be held at DeJavu 5 Hightown Road, Luton LU2 0BW. The event will kick off at 6pm till 5am.

Admission to the even is free of charge as well will be our BBQ treat and snacks.

We look forward to meeting you at the event.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

ZimOnline Radio duo shines at the ZIMMA Awards 2011

As the sayings go....
"Isu tisu team hombe..... tichaitora mikombe."
"Kana riri godo dzorai shanje..... mwati mwadini. Tisu maShaki..."
"Takaipa Takaipa...."
"Gore rino Kirisimasi ndeyemaNinja..."

ZimOnline continues to shine and we have done it again this year, thanks to team members Eve Parkes and Patric Gwenzi (aka Master P), for raising not only the ZimOnline Radio banner, but for proudly waving our Zimbabwean colours sending a clear and loud statement that hard work surely pays. They have both scooped Awards at the ZIMMA 2011 (Zimbabwe Music & Arts Awards) ceremony held this evening in High Wycombe, United Kingdom.

Eve Parkes have brought home the Best Radio Presenter award, in recognition to her tigeress antiques, fearless brevity to go no any other Zimbabwean presenter ever dared to internationally and her resilient publicity quest on subject often deemed too raw for discussion. In credit, Eve is the host of the acclaimed Lets Be Frank Show on ZimOnline Radio which airs every Thursday at 2000Hrs UK Time. Further to that, Eve has wittingly courted big names such as amai Shuvai Mahofa, amai Oppah Muchinguri and amai Olivia Muchena on her show, highlighting the plight of the disadvantaged girls in the poor communities of our society.

A step further sees Eve put young Zimbabwean girls in public domain through the interviews she hold courtesy of Face of Zimbabwe. She has weekly brought the models to the public and scratch into the g-effect that makes the girls want to stand as ambassadors of Zimbabwean culture.

On the other hand, the much quieter Patrick Gwenzi has scooped the Best Male Actor gong for his part in the Zimbabwean Movie, Thorns which was shot in the United Kingdom. Adopting the character Muto Zindoga, Patric portrayed a typical Zimbabwean man entrapped between an adulterous wife and his deep rooted primitive traditional perception of marriage who ends up tragically confined in a wheelchair and unable to be the man he believed he was.

It was only a just acknowledgement served in time as Patric is a very popular Radio Jockey at ZimOnline Radio relishing on the hilarious Madirativange, every Monday at 2000Hrs UK Time and Tsika Nemagariro 1800Hrs on Saturdays.

At ZimOnline Radio, we believes in one principle that we have even adopted in all our communique, "Together, we are ZimOnline Radio". Our quest is to be unarguably Zimbabwe's Premier Radio Station.

To Eve & Patric, tinoti nhasi ndezvedu, ita makorokoto, vana vadadisa..............

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

ZimOnline Radio – The Journey So Far
( From the view of the man behind the Captain Controls)

If anyone would have asked me on the 1st of February 2010, if there would be such an establishment as ZimOnline Radio, I would have laughed and said yes, only in dreamland. As a dreamer, the vision lived so vivid in me then, as it has become a reality today.

I can never pay enough appreciated to the unwaivering support that this project has got from fellow team members and our faithful listeners at large. With thus said, I will jump straight to the reel of events that birthed and nurtured ZimOnline Radio todate.

On the 29th January 2010, a skype call which started with Simbarashe Patrick Nyanhanga & Prince Chibwe began as a consultation as to if it was possible to start a Radio Station. With the charisma and passion to put a team together, the call proceeded to be a conference with the echoes of names as Tendai Bako, Tafadzwa Patience Mushayabasa & Gabriel Zvobgo. I must say the names so far mentioned made me believe and feel that we can start the vehicle even on the instance. By the last day of January, all the necessary introductory steps and logistics were in place with a date to switch on the grid set for the 14th day of February  coinciding with the world infamous Valentine’s Day. This left us with merely 13days to plan, set up and cross train. I can vividly remember Tendai nearly throwing in the towel  after being a nerve wreck. Unsurprising, she went on to become the iron-lady of team ZimOnline Radio, becoming the Vice Captain and Administrator of all operations. Under her belt, she went on to set up and train many DJs who today are formidable names in the industry.

There is no success story that would come without challenges and low points. I can say our lowest point was a rogue Web-Designer, Pearson Pfavai who gave us a deal worth far less than a rotting lemon. The website unveiled was far lower than the par of a professional standard we had been quoted at. Pfavai, also had struggles with coming up with a mere chatroom, painfully giving excuses which were beyond belief. We decided to part ways and seek service of a different provider. Alas, that would be the beginning of our worst nightmare with Pearson Pfavai. Not only would he not release our domain credentials for transfer, but we continued to be slapped with fictitious fees, in all claiming that the system can not unlock unless his bank registers the payment. It was quite obvious that he realised that we desperately needed our domain as we had built our name on it. The fiasco with Pfavai really hit us hard, with some team members wanting to take exception and recourse, to which I instructed all that we do not avenge, but our retribution is in God who we all shared the belief that he will guide us through to the success.

Our other challenge was of Staff Exodus. I would not in any blessed day regard it as a dark moment as the majority of team players who left did not disappear in obscurity, but have gone on to shine in such discipline. It is with great pride that I can quote Tendai to have proceeded and lead team Afrovibes Radio, a project that has also seen its success story, other names as Mr. Obert Mazivisa who is now the face of Sunday Gospel programming on ZimNet Radio. What I remain thankful of is that everybody who has made contribution to ZimOnline Radio have the prints of their workmanship still reflecting todate. One of the major principles that we thrive on at ZimOnline Radio is; “TOGETHER, WE ARE ZIMONLINE RADIO FAMILY..”

Our highest highlight is when we won the Zim Awards News & Media Organisations –Radio Award of year 2010, barely a year in service. To this we are highly indebted to the support from our listeners and supported globally who resoundingly stood behind us and voted for us. Our pledge in repayment is that we will Rise Up and entertain and remain on top of the game.

My highest salutation & echolades are payable to the following people respectively:

1.       Eve Parkes:  Not only do I consider Eve a colleague, but in all certain terms a friend, adviser and a source of inspiration. Eve is the host of the notorious Let’s Be Frank Show and plays a very trivial role in coordinating the team, the listeners and operational protocol at ZimOnline Radio. A mother and indeed empowered woman, Eve exhibits great leadership practical abilities and is not easily intimidated with situations. Career highlight on Eve includes groundbreaking open debate show on the Homosexulaity issue that many presenters find deeply uncomfortable to handle, as well her Shows featuring Ms. Oppah Muchinguri, mai Shuvai Mahofa & Dr. Olivia Muchena who is the sitting Minister of Women’s Affairs of the Republic of Zimbabwe.
2.       Priscilla Nalana: Priscilla & Eve are lately dubbed Simba Babes, as they have become my most trusted support & Deputies. I must admit, Priscilla now knows and understands me critically as much the welfare of ZimOnline Radio. Soft spoken and often not keen to be publicly acknowledged but extremely influencial behind the scenes, Priscilla, as I must say is indeed my Spin-Doctor. Matters of recruitment, team development and internal relations are as good as well coordinated as long as Priscilla is in the picture. Priscilla is the host of the Priscilla Nalana Show that features on Fridays from 1800Hrs UK Time. On the mic, Priscilla exerts an angelic voice compounded with a deep internal strength that will indeed put you in the weekend mood. In her catchy statement, “Giving you the weekend Essentials, just the way you like it…” the tag line has lured many listeners to ZimOnline Radio and made many look forward to her Show from as early as Monday.
3.       Betty Makoni: In correct terming, Muzvare Betty Makoni. To me, Betty is a symbol of an issue that I have been passionate about from childhood. Our society has had stereotyped and ignored the plight and rights of a girl child. Being the founder and CEO of Girl Child Network, Betty plays a well rewarding and satisfying role to the core objectives of ZimOnline Radio and standing for building a fair rational and equally recognising Zimbabwean Community. Betty is the host of The Muzvare Betty Makoni Show that features every Sunday at 1800Hrs UK Time.
4.       Prince Chibwe: Prince has stood by the vision from the first day of brainstorming. As you may have realised he featured in the very first tag of this Press release. He has stood by ZimOnline Radio far beyond just being involved. If I am asked to describe him, I will substitute his second name and call him Prince ZimOnline Radio. Prince hosts many programmes, among them, The Love Zone, Old Skool, RnB Session to mention a few. He is the pivotal Policy maker.
5.       Babrah Nyandebvu: many times have I been accused of nepotism and I have always stood up and pleaded Guilty as Charged. Babrah is my cousin sister and we compliment in many ways than one. Many documents that I endorse my signature on, she is the architecture who deserves the credit. In many times, she works around the clock to ensure that all policies are in congruency with the operations and inline with the International regulations and legalities. She also has always played a part in negotiating communications with all High Profile panellists and invited guests.
6.       Johane Karonga (aka Musharukwa): Indeed, some people are God sent. Johane, if I asked to define him, I would say he just fell from heaven. Known to the Zimbabwean Community as the lead singer with Vabati veVhangeri Apostolic Musical Group, Johane has brought a ray of complete unabeitted joy to the entire team and our listeners. He has the lustre of admiration and a heart that brings people together.  He possesses a ‘wicked’ sense of humour that leaves his followers and fans in stitches of laughter and in all, he has such a humble personality and easily adjust to any environment.
7.       Jenny Musonza: Affectionately known as Aunt Jenny or vaChihera. She is a true mother at heart and physically. She has automatically become a mother to all the team ZimOnline Radio. Special tribute to her husband who has proved to be the soul to all the unity that Aunt Jenny campaigns about. I must admit that the couple are a true inspiration to all.
8.       It will be really wrong if I would conclude without mentioning our fans, most whom have pledge complete support of the vision. Nottably would be Grenedy Chinhema (Australia), Ebba Kunaka (USA), Spelly Paurosi (Stevenage), Elizabeth Kumire (Scotland),  Anna Kondowe (Ireland), Donn Mapondera (Luton), Charity T. Basvi (New Zealand), Gerrad Mabhande (Manchester), Patience Pachirera (Manchester), Max & Patricia Nyandoro (Manchester), Koga Gorejena (RSA), Peter Mawere (Senegal), Barbrah & James (Egypt), Fungayi Muchanyangwa (Dubai), Paidamoyo T. Kungwengwe (London), Edith Mapanzure (London),  Kevin Kateya (Cheltenham), Bongi Amanda (Essex),  Jirvas Munyaradzi Gwanzura (Luton), and many I could not mention by names, the list is endless.

Penned by the hand of Simbarashe Patrick Nyanhanga (Shumba Chireramasango)
Founder & Head of ZimOnline Radio

Friday, 4 March 2011

ZimOnline Radio & Women Empowerment

Dear Zimbabwean Woman

I hope and trust I find you well. I have taken exception to write to you and put you to speed to our two exlusively women Shows on ZimOnline Radio.

As you are probably aware of, ZimOnline Radio is an online Radio that broadcasts to the world, hence has the potential to reach every woman who is connected to the cyberworld. Never before has the power of radio technology been this tremendous, but its only as effective as to how we support it and are appealed to it.

On Sundays at 1800Hrs, for a whole 2Hrs, ZimOnline Radio features the Muzvare Betty Makoni Show. Betty Makoni is a world renouned Girl Empowerment & Woman Activist, not to mention that she is the founder of the Girl Child Network. Betty is an unstoppable advocate for a complete eradication of the deprivation of girl child & women's rights under cultural, religious or community ignorance reasons.She is the winner of the CNN Award in 2009 and her work has been acknowledged and

On Mondays from 2000Hrs, for another whole 2Hrs, ZimOnline Radio hosts the Lisa's Inspirational Talk-Show. A virgin idea, run by a woman who is envisioned to beam out an all positive model of a woman, Lisa touched subjects that others would not dare to speak about. Lisa, independant of the radio, is the founder of the Inspirational Woman Magazine and has held interviews and spoken on various international platforms.

I am a staunch believer in Women Empowerment and by no shred of doubt do I challenge you to utilise the mouth power of ZimOnline Radio and the platform the above women have set to drive the point home. I am requesting your continued listernership and participation in the programmes and/or other Shows on the radio.

Together, we are ZimOnline Radio

Simbarashe Patrick Nyanhanga